VIMS Websites A-Z


  1. Hargis Library
    This is the website of the library on the main VIMS campus.
  2. Histopathology
    Work in histology and pathobiology investigates abnormalities in structure and function at the cellular and organismal level.
  3. Housekeeping
    The custodial staff is responsible for custodial services in all areas of the Institute. They also provide services required for special events on campus.
  4. Human Resources
    This website provides information on human resources and job opportunities.
  5. Hurricane Isabel
    This website provides an article on the effects of Hurricane Isabel.
  6. Hydrographic and Meteorological Data
    This website provides information and online databases for research on hydrographic and meteorological data.
  7. Hydrodynamic Eutrophication Model (HEM-3D)
    Scientists at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), Department of Physical Sciences, have developed a model that can be applied to a wide variety of environmental problems and can operate at a variety of temporal and spatial scales in coastal embayments, estuaries and tributaries.