VIMS Websites A-Z


  1. Fish Collection
    VIMS has one of the largest and most diverse collections of marine and estuarine temperate zone fishes from Nova Scotia to North Carolina. The collection has extensive large holdings of fishes from the Chesapeake Bay, and middle Atlantic Bight.
  2. Fisheries Science
    the Department of Fisheries Science includes faculty with a broad variety of research interests including: finfish, mollusc, crustacean, shark, turtle and marine mammal biology, pathology, parasitology, genetics, and economics. To these research areas, faculty members bring classical skills in ecology, systematics, statistics, population dynamics, physiology, molecular biology, economics, and more.
  3. Fisheries Genetics Program
    The Fisheries Genetics Program bridges the gap between molecular biology and fisheries science, using cutting-edge molecular techniques to investigate a wide variety of fisheries-related subjects. Foremost among these are studies of the population genetic structure or stock composition of commercially and/or recreationally important fisheries. The program also uses molecular techniques to determine the evolutionary histories (phylogenies) of many marine organisms, and to identify eggs, larvae, and tissues of closely related species.
  4. Faculty & Staff
    This page offers a collection of useful links for faculty and staff at VIMS.
  5. Facilities
    The mission of the Department of Facilities Management is to effectively maintain and keep operational the campus facilities and grounds; plan for the renovation of existing and construction of new facilities, among other responsibilities.
  6. Faculty Listing
    This website provides information on faculty members of VIMS.
  7. FAQs
    This website provides frequently asked questions about VIMS.
  8. Fellowships / Funding
    This website provides information for funding and award opportunities for prospective and current SMS students.
  9. Find an Expert
    This website allows you to find an expert to help you best with your inquires.
  10. Fish and Shellfish Immunity
    Work in the Fish and Shellfish Immunity Laboratory is dedicated to the study of the immune defense mechanisms of finfish and shellfish.
  11. Fish and Shellfish Nutrition
    The website provides information on the study of fish & shellfish nutrition through comprehensive approaches using a combination of cellular, biochemical, molecular, microencapsulation, and stable isotope techniques.
  12. Forms
    This website provides several forms for employees from departments at VIMS.
  13. Field Operations
    Field Operations maintains and operates a fleet of about 40 vessels.