VIMS Websites A-Z


  1. Aquaculture Genetics and Breeding Technology Center (ABC)
    Scientists in VIMS' Aquaculture Genetics and Breeding Technology Center (ABC) use a combination of selective breeding and genetic research to help restore declining populations of ecologically and commercially important marine species, and to help the aquaculture industry meet humanity's growing appetite for seafood. ABC was established at VIMS in 1997.
  2. Administration
    Administrative offices at VIMS provide resident faculty, staff and students with the physical and human resources needed to effectively complete their work. Available on-line service includes access to email from remote locations, request for computer related technical help, various administrative forms, submission and tracking of grant proposals, and reserving research vessels.
  3. Advisory Services
    The VIMS community works to provide unbiased scientific information to help policymakers, industry, and citizens effectively manage and conserve coastal and estuarine resources for present and future generations. VIMS scientists provide advisory services not only within the Commonwealth of Virginia, but at national and international levels as well.
  4. Atlantic Estuarine Research Society
    The Atlantic Estuarine Research Society (AERS) brings together students, scientists, managers, and educators from the states of DE, MD, NC, NJ, PA, and VA and Washington, DC to discuss estuarine and coastal environmental issues and policies. It is our intent to a foster broader interest in our environment by increasing public awareness of current issues.
  5. Alumni
    By using this service to stay connected to VIMS alumni and current events, it is our hope that the Institute's alumni will continue to be involved in the Institute's tripartite mission and goals.
  6. Aquaculture Molecular Genetics Laboratory
    The main objective of this group is molecular genetic studies of aquaculture species and disease organisms. Emphasis is on oyster genomics, molecular phylogenetics, population genetics and the development of molecular diagnostics for protozoan pathogens.
  7. Aquaculture
    The Marine Advisory Program has been a leader in marine aquaculture initiatives across the Commonwealth. Efforts over recent years have focused on soft-shell blue crab production, oyster gardening, and the culture of marine finfish for food, stock enhancement, or live-bait production.
  8. Articles about VIMS
    Search for articles about VIMS activities that have been published in print or electronic media.
  9. Analytical Service Center
    The Analytical Service Center researches, develops, and refines methodologies for analyses in a wide spectrum of environmental matrices. ASC instrumentation is of the current generation - computer control/acquisition, background correction, and all optimized for saline matrix. Extensive field experience has created a suite of well-honed sampling and processing procedures, and specialized equipment.