FY 2010 Usage: Air, Faculty/Staff: 1,235,803 miles
Air, Students: 675,709 miles
Train: 9,715 miles
Taxi, Ferry, and non-VIMS Vessels: 708,234 miles
Bus: 49 miles
% of Emissions (eCO2): 11% (10% air, 1% other)
Source: Survey of VIMS personnel

In addition to the use of VIMS automobiles and the impact of personal commuting, we also collected data on other travel financed by VIMS. This data was collected using a survey, as  records of mileages travelled for financed VIMS trips were not available. Future monitoring could be streamlined if mileages for each type of travel were reported on VIMS travel forms and recorded on spreadsheets.

Survey results showing VIMS-financed travel in fiscal year 2010

VIMS-financed travel