Solid Waste

FY 2010 Usage: 98.29 short tons
% of GHG Emissions: 0%
Source: Debbie Galvez, Facilities. (804) 684-7090

Solid waste production cannot be measured directly due to the challenge of determining the composition and weight of trash produced. Current estimates were calculated based on the assumption that VIMS dumpsters are at least 50% full when emptied each week. There are
seven dumpsters on campus, each with an 8 cubic yard capacity. Dumpsters were observed to be 75% full on average before emptying. Solid waste conversion factors from College & University Recycling Coalition were used for “campus waste (loose),” at approximately 90lbs /cubic yard and 22.22 cubic yars / short ton. The solid waste is taken to the Middle Peninsula Landfill, which utilizes a gas recovery and energy conversion facility on-site. Recycling bins for paper, cardboard, co-mingled (plastic, aluminum, and glass) are located
around campus, however the locations of these bins are not always well known and some areas are still in need of bins.

To streamline the process in the future, visual assessment should be made on a weekly basis as to the fullness of each dumpster and the overall composition of the waste. Recommendations include signage on recycling bin location (and what is recyclable), placement
of additional recycling bins, and education on ways to reduce solid waste production at VIMS.