FY 2010 Usage: Faculty/Staff: 2,402,257 miles
Students: 295,777 miles
% of Emissions (eCO2): 7% (6% faculty, 1% students)
Source: Survey of VIMS personnel

Survey results showing commuting methods of VIMS personnel for fiscal year 2010.60% of students commuted alone in their personal vehicles, while 12% carpooled. The average distance a student commutes one way was 8 miles, and on average students commuted 5.25 days per week. The fuel efficiency of the average student owned car is 30.5 MPG. 92% of faculty commuted alone, while 6% carpooled. The average faculty one-way commute was 14 miles, and on average faculty commuted 5 days per week. Meanwhile, 91% of VIMS staff commuted alone, while 4% carpooled. On average, staff commuted 16 miles one-way, 5 days a week. Faculty and staff-owned vehicles get an average of 25 MPG.