Research & Advisory Services

About our Office

The Office of Research and Advisory Services is the central administrative office charged with coordinating the Virginia Institute of Marine Science's state-mandated research and outreach activities.  VA Code

As part of VIMS' broad legislative mission, the Institute serves as the Commonwealth's center of expertise in the marine environment, bringing together governmental, economic, regulatory, and scientific communities. Activities extend from Antartica to the Caribbean, Europe, and South America.

VIMS is a central partner in the state's environmental management infrastructure working with the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, the Department of Environmental Quality, the Department of Conservation and Recreation, and the Virginia Department of Health. Additionally, VIMS is responsible for responding to requests from the General Assembly, the Governor's Office, and the Secretary of Natural Resources. VIMS works with local governments and management agencies such as Soil and Water Districts and Planning District Commissions, and researchers participate in and represent the state's interests on regional commissions such as the Potomac River Fisheries Commission, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, and the New England Fisheries Management Council.

VIMS has close management and research ties with many federal agencies that oversee the Chesapeake Bay and its resources, including the

VIMS also serves as the state's Sea Grant Institution.

VIMS research extends throughout the nation and the world. There are formal research agreements with:

Today's universities are expected to engage in programs designed to support economic development (William and Mary, Economic Development). VIMS has convened the VIMS-Industry Partnership to reach out to local companies, supporting business endeavors to enhance economic growth. We have partnered with companies such as LUNA, Sapidyne, and INCOGEN and organizations such as the Virginia Seafood Council. Researchers are encouraged to collaborate with small business through programs such as the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and STTR.

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