Strategic Planning

Subject Area Teams

Education: Chair, L. Schaffner, M. Brush, E. Canuel, C. Harris, T. Hartley, R. Lipcius

Global Change: Chair, M.Brush, D. Bronk, E. Canuel, T. Hartley, J. Shields, D. Steinberg

Estuarine and Coastal Environmental Quality: Chair, C. Friedrichs, M. Brush, W. Reay, J. Shen, M. Unger

Fisheries and Aquaculture: Chair, M. Luckenbach, S. Allen, R. Carnegie, J. Graves, R. Latour, T. Murray

Coastal Vulnerability, Ports and Harbors: Chair, R. Mann, S. Hardaway, C. Hein, H. Wang

Offshore Energy Development: Chair, L. Varnell, C. Bonzek, R. Brill, D. Gong, S. Kuehl, R. Mann

Finance and Infrastructure: Co-Chairs, J. Latour and J. Martinez, G. Anderson, B. Barrack, M. Fonner, C. Tomlinson, R. White, D. Ward

Linking Science and Policy: Chair, T. Hartley