Diego  Biston Vaz

Ph.D. Student

Email: [[dbistonvaz]]
Phone: (804) 684-7544
Office: Nunnally Hall 126
Department: Fisheries Science
Advisor: {{http://www.vims.edu/people/hilton_ej, Dr. Eric J Hilton}}

About Diego


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Silva, J. P. C. B; Vaz, D. F. B. & de Carvalho, M. R. 2015. Systematic implications of the anterior pectoral basal element in squaliform sharks (Chondrichthyes: Elasmobranchii). Copeia. 103 (4): pp 874-885 

White, W. T.; Vaz, D. F. B.; Ho, H.; Ebert, D. A.; De Carvalho, M. R. ; Corrigan, S.; Rochel, E.; De Carvalho, M.; Tanaka, S. & Naylor, G. J. P. 2014. Redescription of Scymnodon ichiharai Yano and Tanaka 1984 (Squaliformes: Somniosidae) from the western North Pacific, with comments on the definition of somniosid genera. Ichthyological Research. 62: pp. 213-229.  

Vaz, D. F. B & de Carvalho, M. R. 2013. Morphological and taxonomic revision of species of Squatina from the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean (Chondrichthyes: Squatiniformes: Squatinidae). Zootaxa. 3695. 1-81 pp.