Laura Whitefleet-Smith

Laboratory Specialist Senior

Phone: (804) 684-7410
Office: Chesapeake Bay Hall N111
Department: Aquatic Health Sciences
Lab Website: {{, Shellfish Pathology Laboratory}}


M.S. Marine Sciences, University of New England, 2014

       Thesis title: Species identification and phylogeny of Phycinae hakes and related Gadiformes.

B.S. Marine Sciences, Coastal Carolina University, 2012


Selected Publications

Carnegie RB, Ford SE, Crockett RK, Kingsley-Smith PR, Bienlien LM, Safi LSL, Whitefleet-Smith LA, Burreson EM. A rapid phenotype change in the pathogen perkinsus marinus was associated with a historically significant marine disease emergence in the eastern oyster. Sci Rep 2021;11(1).

Guévélou E, Carnegie RB, Whitefleet-Smith L, Small JM, Allen SK. Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to quantify perkinsus marinus infecting crassostrea virginica. Aquaculture 2021;533.

Whitefleet-Smith, L.A., Harding, J.M. 2014. Size selectivity by Atlantic mud crabs Panopeus herbstii (Milne Edwards) feeding on ivory barnacles, Balanus eburneus (Gould). Journal of Shellfish Research 33(1): 25-33.

Whitefleet-Smith, L.A. and A.L. Bass. 2014. What the Hake?! Fish Forensics in Maine Markets. Monthly journal entry for the Gulf of Maine Council on Marine Environment, Ecosystem Indicator Partnership.

Long, W.C., Whitefleet-Smith, L. 2013. Cannibalism in red king crab: Habit, ontogeny, and the predator functional response. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 449: 142-148.