Box 1: Nomini Creek, Nomini and Currioman Bays

Location: Nomini Creek
History of location: Small southern tributary of the Potomac River. Most westward tributary of the Potomac River. Infrequent natural spat settlement. Baylor and private productivity maintained by movement of seed from elsewhere.
Current status: Low population levels subject to both freshet mortality and disease (predominantly Dermo). Because of disease related inactivity most public ground bottom has poor cultch quality. One sentinel site present for which long term data is held by VMRC.
Recent restoration activity (reefs and other) to date: One reef built in 2002, numerous seed movements. The risk to private oyster production is high because of disease and freshet impacts. There has been little recent private activity.
Restoration potential: Modest because of low spat set, moderate disease risk and high freshet risk.
Nomini Creek