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  • OAT Trainees
    OAT Trainees  Current OAT trainees in the VIMS Oyster Hatchery. From L: Elisabeth Bloom of Hayes, Tommy Camp of Williamsburg, Lisa Domalewski of Virginia Beach, and Ben Clark of West Point.  
  • Feed Me
    Feed Me  OAT trainee Lisa Domalewski feeds algae to juvenile oysters in the VIMS oyster hatchery.  
  • Oyster Shucking
    Oyster Shucking  OAT trainee Ben Clark shucks an oyster inside the VIMS oyster hatchery.  
  • stirring_algae.jpg
     Lisa Domalewski "stirs" an algal culture. OAT trainees learn how to grow the algae that nurture oysters in the hatchery.  
  • algae_flasks.jpg
     Ben Clark prepares algal cultures. OAT trainees learn how to grow the algae that oysters eat.  
  • ABC Crew
    ABC Crew  OAT trainees with ABC staff in the VIMS Oyster Hatchery. From L: Nate Geyerhahn (ABC Field Manager), Elisabeth Bloom (OAT Trainee), Tommy Camp (OAT Trainee), Adeline Fortin (ABC Oyster Hatchery and Field Specialist), Lisa Domalewski (OAT Trainee), Ben Clark (OAT Trainee), Amanda Chesler (ABC Hatchery Specialist), Kate Ritter (Hatchery Specialist), and Karen Sisler (Hatchery Manager).  
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Oyster Aquaculture Training Program (OAT)

Oyster aquaculture in Virginia is undergoing extraordinary growth, which will increase demand for trained technical and support staff in the Commonwealth, and eventually in Maryland and other states. ABC established the Oyster Aquaculture Training program to help meet the demand for trained staff for industry, and to assist our own program in routine oyster-domestication programs. The training program began in 2009 with the advent of generous private funding. The inaugural program took place in April-September, 2009.

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Click here to find out about the latest program and how to apply. OAT 2010