Use of the Collection


In addition to its use in research, the VIMS Ichthyology Collection is frequently used to demonstrate biology and morphological diversity of fishes to public school classes in Virginia, private organizations, undergraduate classes, and gifted-student programs. In addition, state fisheries managers regularly request training workshops for law-enforcement personnel on identification of commercially important taxa.

Loan Policy

Specimens from the VIMS Ichthyology Collection are available to research scientists and education centers throughout the U.S. and abroad. Our policy is to lend, donate, and exchange material freely. Each request is reviewed to determine the qualifications of the investigator, the condition of the material requested, and the nature of the request (e.g., permission to dissect or clear and stain). Loans are generally 6 to 12 months in duration. Loans made to students are issued to their major advisor. All costs of processing and shipping specimens are covered by VIMS, and detailed records of all transactions are maintained. In keeping with common protocol, we return the container from which the loan specimens have been removed to its proper place in the collection. The original labels, borrower's name, and date allows others to see the disposition of the material. There are no user charges for services associated with the Ichthyology Collection

Submit loan requests to the curator, [[ehilton,Dr. Eric J. Hilton]].