Elisabeth  Clyne

Master's Student

Email: [[eclyne]]
Phone: (804) 684-7267
Adviser: {{http://www.vims.edu/about/directory/faculty/kuehl_sa.php, Dr. Steve Kuehl}}
Department: Physical Sciences
Office: Andrews Hall 234F


B.S. Physics, University of Michigan - Dearborn 2015

Minors in Astronomy, Geology, Environmental Science

About Lizzy

When I first started my undergrad, I wanted to be an astrophysicist.  I started duel majoring in physics and mechanical engineering.  In my junior year, I was accepted to an internship position through NASA Jet Propulsion Lab doing research regarding near-earth asteroids.  This experience was informative and eye opening for me, and I decided to pursue a career in an environmental related field instead.  After two more years of undergraduate study, I graduate with a B.S. in Physics, with minors in Astronomy, Geology and Envirnmental sciences.  I strive to do not only research in these fields, but interactive public outreach with all age groups, in the classroom setting and in the field!

I continued to do research in the observatory at the University of Michigan Dearborn, after returning from NASA.  I did outreach programs in the observatory with college students and the public, teaching them about astronomy concepts and telescope operating.  I also had the opportunity to present a poster on my work in the observatory as the 224th annual American Astronomical Society meeting under Dr. William Clarkson!  I also worked two semesters as a supplementary instructor and one as a mentor for intro astronomy courses.  It is my hope to stay involved in the astronomy field throughout my life, through outreach at an institution or as a personal hobby.

After my return from NASA I began exploring all different fields of environmental sciences, through conferences and coursework. I also started doing volunteer work on Maybury farm, a small farm focused on community outreach managed by the Northville Community foundation in Michigan.  I attended the International Wolf Symposium in Fall 2013 to connect with people in the wolf ecology community and get a sense for the types of research being done.  I attended local herpatology and environmental educational conferences in south eastern Michigan.  I began to take courses in field biology, geology, and global environmental problems.  Above all, I got hired to work as a nature interpreter on Henry Ford's old estate, managed by the University of Michigan Dearborn EIC.  Here I worked for two years with K-12 students, and on occasion the general public, doing environmental science outreach and education.  I also took my first geology courses and discovered my true passion!  Both of these experiences were so influential to me that I decided to aspire to a career as a geology professor, doing research and fieldwork with students and continuing to provide informative and interactive public outreach.  I want to focus on climate change research regarding glaciology and oceanography, or research regarding tectonics and seismic modeling.

I absolutely love talking to people about my interests and the sciences, professionally and informally.  Please feel free to email me!


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