Photographic data from the 100 lobster project. 

The dorsal aspect of each animal was photographed to fully document the extent of shell disease or other conditions.  Below are a few representative animals showing different disease states of epizootic shell disease. We are planning to upload more photographs in the near future.

Click on thumbnails to see a larger version of the picture

RI001- Healthy (Uninfected)
    RI001-2  RI001-3  RI001-4  RI001-5 RI001-6

RI006- Light Infection
    RI006-2  RI006-3  RI006-4

RI008- Moderate Infection
    RI008-1  RI008-2  RI008-3

RI012- Heavy Infection
   RI012-1  RI012-4  RI012-5  RI012-6  RI012-7