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Centers, Labs & Programs

VIMS has established a variety of research centers, programs, laboratory groups, and partnerships to address immediate and long-term issues in marine science.  All share the common goals of providing superior research capabilities in marine and coastal sciences in collaboration with industry and governmental agencies. They support graduate student education and enhance rapid technology transfer from the Institute to commercial groups, coastal managers, and decisionmakers within Virginia and beyond.

Centers and Partners

Programs are long-term, formalized research collaborations that employ dedicated staff. VIMS programs are funded by the Virginia General Assembly or by state and federal agencies.

Laboratory Groups

Laboratory groups are research units within an academic department that are typically headed by one or more faculty members and include technicians and graduate students.


Projects are one-time, grant-funded activities that result in written report(s) or other information products. They are conducted within and by centers, partners, programs, departments, labs, or other administrative units at VIMS.