Hypoxia in the Chesapeake

Background Information

Hypoxia in th CB Hypoxia in th CB Hypoxia in th CB

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Hypoxia in the Chesapeake -- Modeled from the CBEPS/COMT/SURA project -- Test Graphics

The images on this page are produced from data generated on the UMCEES CBEPS modeling system, shared with VIMS through a private CBEPS THREDDS server, processed on the VIMS HPC analysis server york.hpc.vims.edu using Matlab and the https://github.com/nctoolbox/nctoolbox toolkit to perform the analysis and subsetting to the bottom layer (see http://nctoolbox.github.io/nctoolbox/demos/geodemo_3.html for an example). Also, the first and last time slices, and the trend plots are calculated, plotted, and then are copied to the thumper-web.vims.edu HTTP server as http://web.vims.edu/~drf/CBEPS/hypoxia_example.png , etc., where it becomes accessible to the W&M Cascade CMS.  This workflow is invoked hourly on the VIMS HPC analysis machine york.hpc.vims.edu through the 'cron' service.

Discussions about improving the model are ongoing.

This particular page should be visible to the internet as http://www.vims.edu/people/forrest_dr/z_sandbox/CBEPS_hypoxia/

An experimental page is at:  http://www.vims.edu/people/forrest_dr/z_sandbox/folder-with-content-page/