Craig L. Smith Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to an academically distinguished graduate student to honor the memory of its namesake, former Professor of Environmental Science Dr. Craig Smith.

This year the core course instructors have enthusiastically selected Hadley McIntosh for this scholarship for her outstanding contributions to research.

Hadley McIntosh.Hadley is every advisor’s “dream student.” While she is exceptionally bright, highly creative, and scholarly when it comes to academics, she also has the remarkable ability to maintain a positive attitude in challenging times and is a true team player.

Prior to arriving at VIMS, Hadley received her BS degree in Chemistry from The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University in Minnesota. She also spent the summer of 2009 in the Summer Internship Program at VIMS, working on the algal biofuel project during its initial phase.

Never one to take the easy road, Hadley has selected a challenging Master’s project in which she will use lipid biomarkers and radiocarbon isotopes to investigate the processes controlling the cycling of carbon pools of different ages and sources, and their delivery to the coastal ocean.

Still in her first year at VIMS, Hadley has already participated in two research cruises and despite being from the land-locked Midwest managed to deal gracefully with the challenges of being at sea. Overall, Hadley has had a banner first year, having already generated a significant amount of preliminary data for her Master’s thesis while maintaining excellent grades in her coursework. She is well on her way to becoming an excellent researcher and we wish her continued success.

Congratulations, Hadley!