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Icy Tributary
Where’s the water, and why the ice?

In an era of sea-level rise and global warming, almost two weeks of low tides and chilly temps has raised a host of questions, as well as concerns among vessel operators and oyster growers. VIMS professors help explain the apparent contradictions.

2017 Media Recap
VIMS was all the buzz in 2017

The 134 journal articles authored or co-authored by VIMS researchers in 2017 were talked about around the world. Here are the 15 that received the most "buzz."

Green Fee Lights
Green fee award helps shine light on VIMS

The latest grant from W&M's Committee on Sustainability will reduce electricity usage and improve working conditions on our Gloucester Point campus.

Study urges global-change researchers to embrace variability

A new review article presents evidence that argues for a more nuanced approach to the design of global-change experiments—one that acknowledges and purposefully incorporates the variability inherent in nature.