Outstanding Professionals and Professional Faculty Award

The VIMS Outstanding Professionals and Professional Faculty Administrator Award honors a continuing record of excellence, a singular outstanding performance, or both.

The 2015 award goes to Ms. Carol Tomlinson.

Ms. Carol Tomlinson with VIMS Dean and Director John Wells following the Awards Ceremony.Carol Tomlinson has dedicated her career to service to VIMS. She began at VIMS in 1980 as a Payroll Technician and today is VIMS’ Senior Administrative and Financial Officer. Carol has earned her many promotions through her knowledge, outstanding performance, and dedication to the Institute.

Carol has served all employees at VIMS—faculty, staff, and students—with the upmost professionalism, enthusiasm, and in the spirit of wanting to truly help. She has devoted 100% effort to high standards and with the underlying motivation to ensure VIMS is “doing things right.”

A pair of quotes from colleagues sum up who Carol is:

“I have never seen anyone come away from an interaction with Carol who was not fully satisfied with the assistance they received. The combination of great service with a great attitude makes it a joy to work with her.” 

“I have worked closely with Carol for almost 25 years, and to this day I remain impressed with her productivity, motivation, and competence. She is a prime example of a dedicated and hardworking professional for whom there is only one standard – the best.”

Carol Tomlinson is most deserving of this high level of recognition for her unselfish contributions to the VIMS mission, long hours, tireless efforts, effectiveness, and supreme dedication to the Institute.