VIMS Masters Theses

Open Access

Armstrong, Christen
Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation And Toxin Production During The Uptake Of Micromolar Concentrations Of Nitrate, Ammonium, And Urea By A Marine Dinoflagellate
Bromilow, Amanda

Juvenile Blue Crab Survival in Nursery Habitats: Predator Identification and Predation Impacts in Chesapeake Bay

Clyne, Elisabeth

Assessment of the High-Resolution Sediment Gravity Flow Record in Prince William Sound, Alaska embargoed until 12/15/18

Pfirrmann, Bruce

Ecosystem Services of Restored Oyster Reefs in a Chesapeake Bay Tributary: Abundance and Foraging of Estuarine Fishes

Santos, Bianca

Integrating Empirical Data and Ocean Drift Models to Better Understand Sea Turtle Strandings in Virginia

Schieder, Nathalie

Reconstructing Coastal Forest Retreat and Marsh Migration Response to Historical Sea Level Rise

Warshafsky, Zoemma

Impact of the Parasitic Nematode Anguillicoloides Crassus on American Eels (Anguilla Rostrata) in Chesapeake Bay embargoed until 11/10/18

Bienlien, Lydia
Influence Of Perkinsus Marinus Infection And Oyster Health On Levels Of Human-Pathogenic Vibrios In Oysters
Dean, Britt
Modulation Of Watershed Nutrient Loads By Tidal Creek Ecosystems On The Virginia Eastern Shore
Fallon, Andrew Human Induced Cyclical Erosion due to Altered Sediment Bypassing Mechanisms of a Barrier Island and the Resultant Impact on the Housing Market
Karp, Melissa Influence Of Structural Complexity And Location On The Habitat Value Of Restored Oyster Reefs
Renaud, Alexander Chesapeake coastal community flood vulnerability - prediction and verification
Ivory, Jami Diel, Seasonal, and Interannual Patterns in Mesozooplankton Abundance in the Sargasso Sea
Jones, Randolph The Influence of Short-term Events on the Hydrographic and Biological Structure of the Southwestern Ross Sea
Marin Martinez, Cindy Assemblage Dynamics of Larval Fishes in the York River of Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay
Pease, Sarah Alexandrium Monilatum In The Lower Chesapeake Bay: Sediment Cyst Distribution And Potential Health Impacts On Crassostrea Virginica
Peterson, Cassidy Patterns of abundance and community dynamics in Atlantic coastal sharks
Wang, Haixing On Shelf-Slope Water Mass Exchanges near Washington Canyon and Norfolk Canyon in the Mid-Atlantic Bight
French, Emily The Influence of Zostera marina and Ruppia maritima on Habitat Structure and Function in a Changing Environment in the Chesapeake Bay
Gervasi, Carissa The reproductive biology of striped bass (Morone saxatilis) in Chesapeake Bay
Johnson, Andrew The Influence of Environmental Factors and Resource Availability on Zostera marina Flowering Intensity
Kuschner, Michael A Model of Carrying Capacity and Ecosystem Impacts in a Large-scale, Bivalve-dominated Agro-ecosystem: Hard Clam Aquaculture in Cherrystone Inlet, VA
Marshall, Nicole Signature of Recent Sediment Accumulating in Prince William Sound, Alaska: A Record of Storms, Earthquakes, and Seasonal Inputs
Omori, Kristen Developing Methodologies for Studying Elasmobranchs and Other Data-Poor Species
Schmitt, Erika Bay Scallop, Argopecten irradians, Restoration in the Virginia Coastal Bays: The Role of Predation on Spring vs Fall Cohort Survival
Skeehan, Emily Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Proposed Restoration of the Lynnhaven River Ecosystem
Turley, Brendan Oyster Reef Connectivity Inferred via  Population Genetic Analysis
Birchler, Justin Sediment Deposition and Reworking: A Modeling Study Using Isotopically Tagged Sediment Classes
Gleiber, Miram Long-Term Change in Copepod Community Structure in the Western Antarctic Peninsula: Linkage to Climate and Implications for Carbon Cycling
Loose, Emily Seasonal movements, habitat utilization, and comparative scale morphology of white marlin (Kajikia albida) and roundscale spearfish (Tetrapturus georgii)
Manley, Stephen The Roles of Dispersal and Predation in Determining the Seedling Recruitment Patterns of a Zostera marina System
Miller, Eric High-Resolution Sediment Records of Seismicity and Seasonal Sedimentation from Prince William Sound, Alaska, using XRF Core Scanning
Nalovic, Michel An Evaluation of a Reduced bar Spacing Turtle Excluder Device in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico Offshore Shrimp Trawl Fishery
Nys, Lauren Factors Influencing Year-Class Strength and Growth of Young-of-the-Year Summer Flounder (Paralichthyidae: Paralichthys dentatus)
Schlenker, Lela

Physiological Stress and Post-Release Mortality of White Marlin (Kajikia Albida) Caught in the U.S. Recreational Fishery

Callam, Brian Improvements in triploid Crassostrea virginica production : characterizing the diploid parent
Charles, Sean The development of ecological functions in created forested wetlands
Freedman, Matthew Distribution and impacts of invasive bivalve Corbicula fluminea in tidal freshwater York River tributaries
Garrison, Haley Effects of Episodic Turbulence on Diatoms, with Comments on the Use of Evans Blue Stain for Live-Dead Determinations
Luek, Jenna Submarine Groundwater Discharge to the York River Estuary: Quantifying Groundwater Flux and Potential for Biogeochemical Cycling
Marcek, Benjamin Post-Release Mortality of School-Size Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) in the U.S. Recreational Troll Fishery
McIntosh, Hadley Composition, sources, and age of dissolved and particulate organic matter in the Delaware River and Estuary
Mosby, Anna Phytoplankton Growth Rates in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Peng, Sikai Investigations of the life cycle of the peritrich ciliate Zoothamnium intermedium in Chesapeake Bay
Secrist, Richard Food Availability and Utilization for Cultured Hard Clams
Wilkerson, Carissa Analysis of Extreme Water Levels in the Lower Chesapeake Bay
Wu, Chia-Yu Holocene Sedimentation on the Lanyang Plain and Adjacent Continental Shelf, Northeastern Taiwan
Blackburn, Natalia Seed Burial in the Seagrass Zostera marina: The Role of Infauna
Davenport, Theresa The Consequences of Shoreline Development for Near-shore Communities in Chesapeake Bay, USA: a Before-after Control-impact Study
Fall, Kelsey Relationships Among Fine Sediment Settling and Suspension, Bed Erodibility, and Particle Type in the York River Estuary, Virginia
Hudson, Jeanna Myctophid Feeding Ecology and Carbon Transport Along the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Kling, Lara Gates Habitat Utilization and Trophic Interactions by Fauna in a Shallow Estuary: Comparisons between Clam Aquaculture and Natural Sites
Koroknay, Brittani Quantifying Watershed Loads to a Low Relief Coastal Plain Estuary: the New River Estuary, NC
Maxey, Johnathan D. Shedding light on the estuarine coastal filter : the relative importance of benthic macroalgae in shallow photic systems
Moriarty, Julia Transport and Fate of Sediment on the Waipaoa River Continental Shelf: Implications for the Formation and Reworking of Flood Deposits
Price, Lori Microzooplankton Community Structure and Grazing Impact Along the Western Antarctic Peninsula
Qin, Qubin A Study of Vertical Patterns and Mechanisms of Along-channel Estuarine Circulation
Ruck, Kate Interannual and Regional Differences in Krill and Fish Prey Quality Along the Western Antarctic Peninsula
Sweetman, Christopher Distribution and Feeding Ecology ofBathylagus euryops (Teleostei: Microstomatidae) Along the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge From Iceland to the Azores
Whitehead, Meaghan The Role of Benthic Nitrogen Fixation as a Source of New Nitrogen to the New River Estuary, NC
Wor Lima, Catarina Evaluating the Impact of Stock Structure Uncertainty in Stock Assessments of Sailfish in the Atlantic Ocean
Bradley, Cassie The Impacts of Shoreline Development on Shallow-water Benthic Communities in the Patuxent River, MD
Cook, April Deep-pelagic (0-3000 m) Fish Assemblage Structure over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in the area of the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone
Gao, Jie A Numerical Modeling Study of Storm Surge and Inundation in the Chesapeake Bay during the November 2009 Mid-Atlantic Nor'easter
Liu, Xiao Ecological, physiological, and bio-optical characteristics of Phaeocystis globosa in coastal waters of south central Vietnam
Reiner, Stephanie Evaluating the use of flow-through larval culture for the Eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica
Salisbury, Stephanie Dynamics and Composition of the Extracellular Polymeric Substances Produced by Benthic Microalgae: An in situ 13C and 15N Approach
Whalen, Matthew Basal Food Web Dynamics in a Natural Eelgrass (Zostera marina) Community: Cage-free Field Experimention
Capossela, Karen Migration Dynamics, Within-Estuary Behaviors and Cardiorespiratory Responses of Summer Flounder to Selected Estuarine Conditions
Dutton, Daniel Habitat Utilization and Dive Characterization of Blue Marlin (Makaira nigricans) and White Marlin (Kajikia albida) in the Western Atlantic Ocean
Williams, Branson Estimating Detection Probablities in Beach Seine Surveys for Estuarine Fishes
Bickel, Samantha Anthropogenic Causes of Copepod Mortality and Bacterial Decomposition of Copepod Carcasses
Foxgrover, Amy Quantifying the Overwash Component of Barrier Island Morphodynamics: Onslow Beach, NC
Fragoso, Glaucia Hydrography and Phytoplankton Distribution in the Amundsen and Ross Seas
Gera, Stephanie Egg Capsule Hatching Success in Rapana venosa and Urasalpinx cinerea in Relation to Temperature and Salinity
Rice, Stacie Environmental Analysis of Selected Estrogens and Androgens: Applying Ultr-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Compating Matrix Interference
Shen, Tao Development of a Storm Surge Model Using a High-Resolution Unstructured Grid over a Large Domain
Sifleet, Samantha Toxicology of Decabromodiphenyl Ether in Avian Embryos: Disposition of the Flame Retardant BDE-209 in Yolk-injected Chicken Embryos (Gallus gallus)
Woodward, Justine Investigating the Relationships Between Recruitment Indices and Estimates of Adult Abundance for Striped Bass, Weakfish, and Atlantic Croaker
Barnes, Brian Interspecific Interactions in Oyster Reef Communities: the Effect of Established Fauna on Oyster Larval Recruitment
Bearman, Josh Factors Controlling Tidal Flat Morphology in South San Francisco Bay between the 1890's and 2005
Buchheister, Andre Stable Isotope Dynamics in Summer Flounder Tissues, with Application to Dietary Assessments in Chesapeake Bay
Congrove, Michael A Bio-economic Feasibility Model for Remote Setting: Potential for Oyster Aquaculture in Virginia
Dickhudt, Patrick Controls on Erodibility in a Partially Mixed Estuary: York River, VA
Eden, Bethany Zooplankton Community Structure in a Cyclonic and Mode-water Eddy in the Sargasso Sea
Falls, Justin The Survival Benefit of Benthic Macroalgae Gracilaria vermiculophylla as an Alternative Nursery Habitat for Juvenile Blue Crabs
Lawless, Amanda Effects of Shoreline Development and Oyster Reefs on Benthic Communities in Lynnhaven, Virginia
Lynch, Abigail A Molecular Analysis of Atlantic Menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus) Stock Structure
Magel, Christopher Idiopathic Lesions and Visual Deficits in the American lobster (Homarus americanus) from Long Island Sound, NY
Shields, Erin Influences of Habitat Conditions on Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Development in the Chickahominy River and other Virginia Tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay
Tarantino, William Effects of Adaptive Foragers on the Diversity and Functioning of Assembled Model Communities
Bevington, Azure Environmental Factors and Typha spp. Dominance in Created Wetlands
LeMay, Lynsey The Impact of Drainage Ditches on Salt Marsh Flow Patterns, Sedimentation and Morphology : Rowley River, Massachusetts
Lynch, Patrick Feeding Ecology of Atlantic Menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus) in Chesapeake Bay
Strickler, Matthew Assessing the Impacts of Land Use Change on Hard Clam Aquaculture on Old Plantation Creek, Northampton County, Virginia
Yam, Emily Role of Bacteria-Particle Interactions in Marine Snow Dynamics
Bailey, David Wetland Vegetation Dynamics and Ecosystem Gas Exchange in Response to Organic Matter Loading Rates
Bever, Aaron Physical Processes Behind Delta Propagation and Flood Layer Dynamics: Po River, Italy
Muffelman, Sarah Diel and Site-Specific Feeding of Young Striped Bass in a Heterogenous Nursery Habitat
Yochum, Noelle Size-Selectivity of the Commercial Sea Scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) Dredge
Campbell, Jessie Influence of Environmental Factors on the Seed Ecology of (Vallisneria americana)
Dingerson, Lynne Predicting Future Shoreline Condition Based on Land Use Trends, Logistic Regression and Fuzzy Logic
Grusha, Donna Investigation of the Life History of the Cownose Ray, Rhinoptera bonasus (Mitchell 1815)
Huang, Jie (Mary) Tidal Wetland Contributions to Fecal Coliform Loads in Shellfish Growing Waters by Analysis of Model Prediction Discrepancy
Lambert, Debra Estimation of Annual and Semi-annual Survival of Adult Female Blue Crabs and Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Virginia Blue Crab Sanctuary using Tag-Return Methodology
McGrath, Patrick Site Fidelity, Home Range, and Daily Movements of White Perch, Morone americana, and Striped Bass, Morone saxatilis, in two small tributaries of the York River
Metcalfe, William Meiofauna Abundance and Distribution in Chesapeake Bay: Relationships with Environmental Stressors, Sediment Toxicity and Macrofauna
Veloza, Adriana Transfer of Essential Fatty Acids by Marine Plankton
Waterson, Elizabeth Sources of Sedimentary Organic Matter in the Mississippi River and Adjacent Gulf of Mexico
Dowd, Wesley Metabolic Rates and Bioenergetics of Juvenile Sandbar Sharks (Carcharhinus plumbeus)
Ellis, Julia Diet of the Sandbar Sharks Carcharhinus plumbeus, in Chesapeake Bay and Adjacent Waters
Seney, Erin Historical Diet Analysis of Loggerhead (Caretta carettaI) and Kemp's Ridley (Lepidochelys kempi) Sea Turtles in Virginia
Marion, Scott Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on the Utilization of Ellgrass (Zostera marina) by Mobile Epifauna and Macrofauna
Mirabilio, Sara Vitellogenin: A Biomarker of Exposure to Environmental Estrogens for Mummichog (Fundulus heteroclitus) from a Creosote-contaminated Site? 
Woods, Helen An Examination of Potential Conflict between SAV and Hard Clam Aquaculture in the Lower Chesapeake Bay
Battisto (Cartwright), Grace Field Measurement of Mixed Grain Size Suspension in the Nearshore Under Waves
Raymond, Megan Geochemistry of small mountainous rivers of Papua New Guinea : local observations and global implications
Jones III, William Physical Parameters Affecting Incubating Temperatures in Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Caretta caretta, in Virginia
Farnsworth, Katherine Response Modes of the Lower Chesapeake Bay Wave Field
Cooksey, Cynthia Reproductive Biology of Spanish Mackerel, Scomberomorus maculatus, in the Lower Chesapeake Bay
Nestlerode, Janet Effects of Periodic Environmental Hypoxia on Predator Utilization of Macrobenthic Infauna
Ayers, Lisa Finfish Communities of Two Intertidal Marshes of the Goodwin Islands, York River, Virginia
Mezin, Laurent The effects of contaminated sediment on the epidermal goblet cells of the mummichog, Fundulus heteroclitus
Mothershead, Robert Contaminant Accumulation in Hard and Soft Shell Blue Crabs from an Urban Subestuary
Fedosh, Michael Lower Chesapeake Bay surface turbidity variations as detected from Landsat images
Ludwig, David Effects of disruptive grazing by the mud snail Ilyanassa obsoleta on mudflat nematode populations
Schaffner, Linda Resource Use by Amphipoda (Crustacea: peracarida) on the Outer Continental Shelf of the Middle Atlantic Bight : Implications to Community Structure
Wulff, Ella May Taxonomy and distribution of western Atlantic Bittium (Gastropoda: Mesogastropoda)
Boon, John Quantitative Analysis of Beach Sand Movement, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Calder, Dale Ecology of Marine Invertebrate Fouling Organisms in Hampton Roads, Virginia
Wilson, Stanley Improving a Method for Numerical Construction of Wave Rays
Eldridge, Peter Observations on the Winter Trawl Fishery for Summer Flounder, Paralichthys dentatus