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The News & Media Services office at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science disseminates VIMS news via press releases, the VIMS website, social media, and other channels. The Office also supports public outreach programs and internal audiences with its Publications Center and Print Shop.

Publications Center and Print Shop

We offer a variety of low-cost media and graphic services for VIMS faculty, staff, and students. Because we are a service center, you need just an account number for all services and materials—no purchase orders or copy cards required.


Learn about the services we provide, from poster printing to PowerPoint templates, and from binding to business cards.


View our current prices for materials and services.

VIMS Style Guide

Download our official guide (pdf) for conveying the spirit of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) through design. Includes specifications and usage guidelines for the VIMS logo, color palette, typography, photography, co-branding, and noting one's affiliation.

Cascade Request Form

Create requests for creating new web content or editing existing web content and infrastructure.


Download a WORD document with the official VIMS letterhead. Only for official use by VIMS faculty, staff, and students.


Download the official VIMS logo, as well as logos from federal and state funding agencies and partners such as NOAA, NSF, and VMRC.


The VIMS Flickr page offers pictures for use in presentations and printed documents:

VIMS PowerPoint® Templates

Download these specially designed VIMS PowerPoint® templates before you begin creating your next public or scientific presentation:

To maintain the formatting when copying the starter and/or question slides into your presentation, select "Keep Source Formatting" from the clipboard icon that appears next to the slide when you paste it in PowerPoint.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about printing and publications at VIMS.

Desktop Wallpaper

Use winning photos from the annual VIMS Photo Contest as wallpaper to decorate your computer desktop.

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