VIMS Awards

The VIMS Awards Committee is now soliciting nominations for each of the award categories for 2016.  Nominations may be submitted by any faculty, staff, or student, and should contain specific details as to why the nominated individual deserves the award, i.e., how they perform in outstanding ways, the significance of their work, help to others, and dedication. The more information the Awards Committee has, the easier it will be to make a decision. To avoid redundancy, nominations may be endorsed by more than one person. However, petitions with lists of endorsements are discouraged. If you do not know which category your nominee should be in, your nomination should be submitted to the Awards Committee and they will determine which is the most appropriate.

Nominations can be made in writing and submitted to [[afisher, Anna Fisher]] or [[dagalv, Debbie Galvez]], Committee Co-Chairs, or on this website, or verbally to any one of the Awards Committee members. If the nomination is verbal, the member will write the nomination, based on the information you have given him/her, for distribution to the other committee members. There is an on-line form for your convenience. The deadline for all nominations (written, verbal, and electronic) is Wednesday, 1 March 2017.