Qualifying Exam & Prospectus Defense

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Degree Requirements in the School of Marine Science Graduate Catalog - Qualifying Exam


Qualifying Exam Scheduling Form
Qualifying Exam Grade Form
Prospectus Approval by Advisor Prior to Committee Distribution Form
Prospectus Final Acceptance Form

General Information:
Scheduling Your Exam
  • Advisor approval is required before the qualifying exam can be scheduled. The student should arrange the date and time for the qualifying exam with all members of the advisory committee as well as select a moderator and reserve rooms in EMS for the examination.
  • Determine if any committee members need to participate from a remote location. Committee members are expected to attend the qualifying exam in person. Should a committee member need to participate remotely, however, the advisor should alert the moderator and confirm the availability of adequate means of communications, both at VIMS and at the remote location. The approval of the Associate Dean of Academic Studies is required in the event that more than one committee member participate remotely. Indicate remote participation on the exam scheduling form.
  • Contact [[bob, Bob Polley]] in ITNS to request special AV setup requirements.
  • Once the above steps are completed, submit a qualifying exam scheduling form to the [[registrar, SMS Registrar]] at least two weeks prior to the exam date. Announcements will be distributed via the Academic Studies Digest on Tuesdays.
Qualifying Exam

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Prospectus Defense

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