Intent to Bypass the M.S. Degree

Policy in Catalog:
M.S. Bypass Option in the School of Marine Science Graduate Catalog

Notification of Intent to Bypass the M.S. Degree
Request a Change in Advisory Committee Prior to Comprehensive Exam

General Information:
If you are considering the possibility of bypassing the master's program for the doctoral program you are advised to consult with your advisor and committee members no later than the mid- to late fall of the second academic year.  Once all are in agreement, you will file the Intent to Bypass form with the Registrar.  The recommended completion date for filing the Intent to Bypass form is by the first of February of the second academic year.  The Academic Status and Degrees Committee will then review your academic qualifications, standing in the program, a CV and and a 1-2 page statement describing your achievements and potential to conduct independent research that you submit with the form. The advisor, department chair and Associate Dean will make a determination of funding availability.  You must be in good academic standing (cumulative GPA of B or better with no core course grade lower than B-).  In addition, you should be registered to complete the required SMS core curriculum for the M.S. degree, as specified in the School of Marine Science Graduate Catalog, by the end of the second spring semester (for students who enter in Fall).

This timeline is important because the milestone for passing the comprehensive exam, which is required before you can apply for the bypass, is 21 months.  The comprehensive exam must be passed within 6 months of the milestone due date in order to complete the bypass.  

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