Coastal Carbon Cycle Research

Contact:  [[ecanuel, Dr. Elizabeth Canuel]], Professor, Department of Physical Sciences

Full Description

Dr. Elizabeth Canuel’s research uses organic compounds (“biomarkers”) and isotopes of carbon to study the sources, fate, and dynamics of carbon in the coastal ocean.  A recent focus of her research program has been to better understand carbon dynamics at the marsh-estuary interface and improve carbon budgets.  Tidal marshes are among the most ecologically valuable and economically important ecosystems on Earth, but are also especially vulnerable to human pressures and climate change. These ecosystems are highly productive and recognized as "hot spots" of biogeochemical exchanges, large reservoirs of soil organic matter, and important sources of dissolved organic matter (DOM) to estuaries and coastal oceans. However, there is little information about the biogeochemical and abiotic processes occurring in these large carbon reservoirs (marsh soils).  She currently has an opportunity for a student to undertake research focused on better understanding processes influencing organic carbon in salt marsh soils and the influence of these processes on OM export from marshes to adjacent waters. For more information, please contact Dr. Canuel directly using the email link above.