Coastal and Polar Physical Oceanography

Contact:  [[gong, Dr. Donglai Gong]], Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Sciences

Full Description

Dr. Donglai Gong is seeking a new M.S. or Ph.D. student to join his Coastal and Polar Physical Oceanography lab. Specifically, there is an opportunity to conduct research in continental shelf circulation, shelf-break dynamics, and the lower trophic level responses using shipboard, moored, and glider data. The student will be working with glider and shipboard data collected in the Arctic Ocean to study in the impact of the Mackenzie River on water masses and circulation of the Beaufort Sea. A second Arctic project is to study the water mass transport inside the Canadian Arctic Archipelago using glider and ship data. Another potential project for a student is to study the impact of seasonal transition and storms on cross-shelf-slope exchange in the Mid-Atlantic Bight off the U.S. East Coast. The student will be working with large set of glider data to study factors that drive the transport and entrainment of salty offshore water on the Mid-Atlantic shelf.

The applicant should have a strong math, science and engineering background, as well as strong writing and communication skills. The student will be involved in both fieldwork, data analysis, and modeling effort. Students with experiences in numerical data analysis and/or participating in research as an undergraduate are encouraged to apply.

For more information, contact Dr. Donglai Gong directly using the link above.