Garden Club of America Coastal Wetlands Studies Scholarship

Q: Can my advisor also be one of the three references on my CV?

It would be preferable for your three references to not include your advisor.

Q: My study site is in western North Carolina.  Does that qualify as a coastal state?

Yes, the non-tidal, non-coastal parts of a coastal state qualify. However, a study site in a non-coastal state (e.g., West Virginia or Utah) would not qualify.

Q: I am in the process of applying to graduate programs; do I qualify?

A: No. You must already be enrolled before you apply.

Q: Is the scholarship open to students entering a combined BS/MS program? 

You must have reached the MS part of a joint program, taking graduate courses and carrying out graduate level research.

Q: There are two different GCA scholarship programs that I could apply for.  Which should I choose?

You may apply for only one GCA scholarship per year.  Choose the program which is most applicable/closely aligned to your research topic.

Q: Should the proposal be single-spaced or double-spaced?

Either is fine.

Q: Do studies of submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) qualify for this scholarship?


Q: Do studies of fish or frogs or birds qualify for this scholarship?

Yes, as long as there is a strong connection to coastal wetlands (e.g., essential habitat), and that connection is well-described in the proposal.

Q: My study will survey students to evaluate their understanding of sea level rise.  Does this qualify? 

No. This scholarship is specifically for field based research in wetlands.