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Jonathan Lefcheck

Ph.D. Student

Email : [[jslefche]]
Phone : (804) 684-7150, 7148
Office : Andrews Hall 105
Department : Biological Sciences
Advisor : J. Emmett Duffy


B.A., Biology. 2009. Colby College, Waterville, Maine.

Research Interests
I'm broadly interested in biodiversity, and what it means for the ecosystems and services that we value.

What is biodiversity, and how do we measure it? I'm currently exploring methods for assessing and quantifying different kinds of diversity, including those based on organismal 'functional traits' and evolutionary history. These approaches may provide a more accurate, representative, and intuitive picture of the diversity of natural communities. I have recently applied them to global reef fish communities, and local fish communities in the Chesapeake Bay. In the near future, I will be using functional traits to inform temporal patterns of diversity, community assembly, and response to global change in local eelgrass communities in the Chesapeake Bay, as well broad spatial patterns through the Zostera Experimental Network.

What exactly does biodiversity mean for ecosystems, and can we generalize about the contributions of biodiversity across organisms and systems? I employ both an experimental and meta-analytical approach to investigating how biodiversity affects ecosystem processes. I have been involved in several synthetic projects, including developing new methods for quantifying ecosystem 'multifunctionality' (how diversity--or other variables--influence multiple ecosystem processes simultaneously) and reviewing how diversity influences consumer fitness and ecosystem processes in the marine realm. I am currently working on a comprehensive meta-analysis of diversity and ecosystem multifunctionality, drawing on dozens of experiments conducted worldwide, as part of an NCEAS working group. My experimental work involves manipulating small invertebrates in experimental mesocosms. Many of these invertebrates are also important grazers in seagrass systems, and I'm interested in their role as algal consumers in promoting seagrass health, as well as their role as food for higher-level fishes and macroinvertebrates. I have also conducted experiments to better understand the natural history of these grazers, specifically their role as micropredators of other seagrass denizens.

I am also interested in scientific communnication and outreach, as well as integrated research experience into the classroom. I helped co-found and contribute to the website BioDiverse Perspectives, a blog dedicated to uniting graduate, undergraudate, and early career ecologists in their explorations of all aspects of biodiversity.


In revision

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