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Filipe Ribeiro

Post Doctoral Research Associate
Email: [[fribeiro]]
Phone: (804) 684-7560
Office: Fisheries Science Lab 118
Department: Fisheries Science

Research Interests

Currently, I am particularly interest on larval fish ecology both in estuarine and riverine systems. My dissertation research focused on the patterns and process of fish invasions in Iberian streams, specifically assessing this problem in the Lower Guadiana River (Portugal). Also, my efforts aim to improve conservation of endemic freshwater fishes from the Iberian Peninsula, specifically aiming to increase a sustainable water use and conservation of aquatic life.

Selected Publications

F. Ribeiro & M.J. Collares-Pereira (2010) “Life history variability of nonnative centrarchids in regulated river systems in the lower Guadiana drainage (Southwest Iberian Peninsula).” Journal of Fish Biology 76: 522-537.

F. Ribeiro, B. Elvira, M.J. Collares-Pereira & P.B. Moyle (2008) “Profiling alien fishes in Iberian watersheds across several invasion stages.” Biological Invasions 10: 89-102.

F. Ribeiro, I.G. Cowx & M.J. Collares-Pereira (2000) "Life history traits of the endangered Iberian cyprinid Anaecypris hispanica and their implications for conservation." Archiv für Hydrobiologie 149: 569-586.