Richard W.  Brill

Fishery Biologist, NMFS, NOAA & Adjunct Faculty VIMS

Email: [[rbrill]]
Phone: (804) 684-7875
Interests: Fisheries Science. Physiology, bioenergetics, and sensory biology of fishes.
Office: Andrews Hall 102
Department: Fisheries Science

  • B.A., Lafayette College
  • M.S., Northeastern University
  • Ph.D., John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii
Research Interests

My interests center on the physiological ecology, sensory biology, and bioenergetics of fishes. The overall objective is to use physiological research techniques to address questions pertinent to fisheries science. Whenever possible, I employ field and laboratory approaches that exist in a reciprocal relationship where each generates hypotheses that are subsequently tested in the other. During much of my career, I investigated the effects of oceanographic conditions on the distribution, abundance, and fishing gear vulnerability of commercially important tunas and billfishes. Since joining VIMS, I have focused more on questions relevant to Chesapeake Bay species and the inshore environment.

Current Projects involving VIMS students, faculty, and other colleagues

• Quantifying the hypoxia tolerance of Chesapeake Bay fishes, including the effects of elevated temperatures on hypoxia tolerance.

• Investigating the effects of ocean acidification on the cardio-respiratory physiology and sensory biology of Chesapeake Bay fishes.

• Investigating the sensory biology and hypoxia tolerance of Indo-Pacific lionfish, with the goal of understanding the ability of this invasive species to occupy mid-Atlantic estuaries.

• Investigating the effects of exposure to harmful algal species on the cardio-respiratory physiology of Chesapeake Bay fishes.

Selected Publications
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  • Mathieu-Costello, O., R.W. Brill, and P.W. Hochachka. 1996. Structural basis for oxygen delivery: Muscle capillaries and manifolds in tuna red muscle. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. 114A: 25-31.
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